• Infographic
  • Text: Clemens van Diek
  • Picture: Beelenkamp Ontwerpers

90 years of growth in the picture

Ever more female and international

Alumni are the ambassadors of their university. They embody what the university ‘delivers’. A permanent feature of the Tilburg University alumni database is that the lion’s share of graduates originates from the provinces of Brabant and Limburg. Nevertheless, things have changed over 90 years. Due to the emancipation of women the female share of alumni has grown substantially. It went from only 206 in 1977 to no less than 27,051 last year.

Another trend is internationalization, which started modestly. In 1977 only 4 international alumni were registered. In the mid nineties the number started to rise due to international (exchange) students. Over the past few years the international advance has become unstoppable and the share of international alumni in the database has risen quickly. 1 in 10 alumni now originates from abroad (100 nationalities). In the year 2017 Tilburg University had already delivered almost 5,000 international alumni.

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